Civil Air Patrol
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A message from the Air Force Association President

Dear Civil Air Patrol Member,

Thank you for being part of the Total Force. I salute your commitment to our Air Force
and its mission and for being part of our nation’s family of Airmen.

By now you have likely heard the exciting news that CAP and the Air Force Association are forming a special partnership. For decades our organizations have worked independently to promote a dominant Air Force, advocate for aerospace education, and support Airmen and their families. We look forward now to linking arms more closely as we work to make our Air Force and our nation even stronger.

As part of our partnership, I am pleased to invite you—if not already an AFA member—to join us at no cost for the first two years. We need you and want you to become part of our 93,000 members who share your principles and values.

By becoming a member of AFA, you will have access to the premier sources of information on our Air Force with your electronic subscription to Air Force Magazine and a subscription to our email, Air Force Magazine Daily Report.

Additionally, AFA members are represented on Capitol Hill and at federal executive agencies by a dedicated government relations staff focused on national policy topics like rebuilding combat readiness and force structure; recapitalizing and modernizing the Air Force's aging fleet; investing in technology; supporting Airmen and their families; and caring for retirees and veterans.

AFA members support critically important elements of the Association like our Airmen and Family Programs including the Wounded Airman Program. They also promote vibrant aerospace education programs like AFA’s CyberPatriot National Youth Cyber Education Program and StellarXplorers, our National High School Space Challenge. Additionally, AFA’s major conferences and our other events provide Airmen with excellent professional development opportunities.

Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies is the United States’ only aerospace power-focused think tank. Joining AFA means gaining access to Mitchell Institute's research reports, papers, and events that inform defense policy leaders, experts, the private sector, and the general public about key topics of interest pertaining to national defense and aerospace power in the 21st century.

And at the local level, AFA members are part of a network of 200 AFA chapters nationwide. Through participation in your chapter, you will be connected with those in your community who share your interests, promote aerospace education, support important causes, and advocate at the local level for our Air Force. I invite you to join us now at no cost for two years by clicking here. Please note that this offer can be extended only until February 28, 2018.

We welcome you.


Larry O. Spencer
General, USAF (Ret.)